Bigg Boss season 11, Padosi bajayenge baraa. This is how channel introduced 11th season of Bigg Boss. However, it did not take much to burst the bubble of Padosi bajayenge baraa and neither it took long to let us know that the real BOSS of the game is Vikas Gupta, whom everyone calls Mastermind now.


Across the seasons, we have seen many contestants but what makes Vikas standalone is his brilliance and smartness. He is winning task after task without getting violent, physical or abusive. He has played in such a way that makes him a humble winner. It will difficult to find someone as better as Vikas in Bigg Boss history who has changed the belief that you need muscular body to outperform your opponents. A Roman Stoic philosopher said that “It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable” and Vikas have brought that into reality in BB11.

The title of ‘mastermind’ came on the way of Vikas after BB Jungle task when he smartly convinced Dhinchak Pooja to leave and finished the task for opponent team. Team Hina was defeated by only one contestant and that difference was created by VG. Salman called Vikas ‘mastermind’ on that weekend and then it just became his identity. Now the word mastermind is part of his name in BB11. However, that was just a beginning of the winning streak of “Vikas Gupta the Mastermind”.

Then came BB Cushion Factory where Vikas was not only leading a team but he also got a secret task by winning which he would have become eligible for captaincy again. That task changed many things not only for Vikas but for entire house. His money was stolen by Shilpa and Hina at the very beginning but he didn’t give up. On the very second chance he took away all the cotton bags Bigg Boss provided. This move proved that this man has a lot of patience and he is not going to give up at all. He had no money to pay to the workers but still many housemates worked for him. Vikas also convinced many housemates to give their earning to him and he promised to return the favor as soon as possible. This not only proved how determined he is but also shown us how smart he is with his communication skills.

BB Café task gave Vikas, Arshi, Hina and Hiten an opportunity to save themselves from nomination. Vikas, Arshi and Hiten proved their friendship by not throwing anyone in the nomination and they kept their seats blocked all the time. When Sapna was sent in by Hina’s group so that she can come out and save Luv in the last round, Vikas was the only one who anticipated the move and told Hiten that now he will go out of the café and send Hina in. Hiten stopped Vikas from doing so he believed in Sapna’s words that she will send Hina in her place. In that task, even Hiten appreciated Vikas when he saw Sapna breaking her promise and doing exactly what Vikas expected.

The BB Court was one such task where all limits were crossed and all worst things were said to Arshi Khan whom Vikas was defending as her lawyer. Vikas not only stood by his client but he took slut-shamming in a serious way. When entire house tried hard to defame Arshi for her dressings and behavior, Vikas firmly took a stand against the mindset which allows people to make any kind of comment on a woman. However, the task ended without result, it shown us how women targeting a woman and how a man took defended her throughout.

BB Dino Park task tested Vikas mentally and physically as well. Vikas is called physically weak contestant throughout the season and his health has always been a subject of joke for other contestants. On the other hand, Luv and Priyank are believed to be physically strongest boys of the house. In the task Vikas and Luv promised each other that they’ll not knock out each other’s favorite but Luv broke the promise by knocking out Arshi as he wanted to save his friend Hina. Vikas changed whole scenario by knocking out Hina on the very next chance he got and put Luv in a situation he did not want to be. In the same task Luv tried to attack Vikas’ injured to open the door but he failed miserably as he could not move Vikas even by an inch.

In the BB Spaceship task Vikas was the only one who refused to step down of the spaceship as he wanted to save the prize money. While all other housemates enjoyed breaking rules and stepping down for washroom and food, Vikas was constantly in the spaceship. He even agreed to pee in garbage bag so that the task will go on and winner will not lose anything from the wining amount. He did come out of the spaceship but not for himself. He came to help Hina when she needed.

In the BB Daycare Center task, Vikas was given doll of Arshi and he promised her that he will make her captain. He played the game without fights, arguments and without going dirty. Vikas knew that Hiten will have no problem with Arshi becoming captain and he also knew that no one expect Hiten will support it. He smartly convinced Puneesh by promising him that Arshi will save him in next nomination. Vikas not only outsmarted Hina but also proved that only boss of the game is Vikas Gupta.

When Vikas was a captain and Luv and Akash were nominated, he was given a chance to save either of them. He chose to save Luv and nominated Shilpa instead. This was again one such move which shocked everyone, inside and outside house. This move ensured that Akash would get evicted as everyone including Vikas knew that Shilpa is too strong to lose against Akash. Thanks to Bigg Boss for saving Akash in that week by closing voting lines. That move shown how much he cares about housemates for whom Akash has been nothing more than a constant irritation.

We saw a funny and interesting side of Vikas in BB Lab task. Vikas and his team won the task and big thanks to Vikas and Luv for performing outstandingly. Vikas knew how to get reactions out of robot Hina, Priyank, Akash and Hiten. He guided his team and planned in which sequence the robots will be targeted. He knew the trigger points and he used them very smartly. Vikas not only made them angry by pointing out critical points but made them laugh by teaming up with Luv. However, he never brought anything outside the house during task. He kept it decent and never made it look ugly.

And how can we forget the Secret Task where Bigg Boss entrusted Vikas with new year’s party. Vikas had to perform multiple tasks and get the desired reactions from other housemates which he successfully did. The way he made Hina cry was appreciated by Hina herself and by everyone outside. That task forced his haters to like him. Thanks to Vikas that housemates got food and music on the eve of new year.

Vikas Gupta who is called physically weak has won battles at Sultani Akhada as well. Someone like Priyank Sharma could not defeat Vikas even after using all power he has. How to forget the Kabaddi task in Maha-Akhada where Vikas brought victory to his team and first Sultani Akhada victory to Hina Khan.

That is bit small version of how Vikas has been playing and outsmarting everyone throughout the season in almost every task. People say that he played in group but it is also true that he could kept the group intact because he proved that he is man of his words. He never backstabbed anyone in any task. Even if people broke the promise they made, he always continued to do what he has promised. No wonder why people call him mastermind or task-master Vikas Gupta.