Thanks to Author Paradise for sending this beautiful book named You Never Know: Sometimes Love Can Drag You Through Hell by Akash Verma. This is surely one of the finest fictional books I have read recently. I read Kindle edition of this book and even after my busy schedule, I finished this book in a week.


This is a story of love, extra-marital affair and a deadly deal which took place between a start-up owner and a politician. Dhruv, a rising star of a big marketing company and Anuradha, a new employee of that company, are main character of the story. Dhruv has happy married life with two kids whereas Anuradha has her own history which is unknown to everyone.

The story starts when Dhruv gets promoted to a bigger role in his company and Anuradha is introduced in the company to make the task assigned to Dhruv easier. The relationship goes on from professional to personal and to a point where both are madly in love with each other. Anuradha knows that Dhruv has a family but still cannot control her desire to have him in her life. On the other end, Dhruv is completely oblivious to what Anuradha was up to before she met him and neither he tries to know until a threatening call knows his door.

Sid is another guy in this story who wanted to start his own online grocery shop and has taken loan from many people for his start-up. He also took some favors from a politician named Hemant Bhaiya and this proves to be biggest mistake of his life. Like they say, success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. Sid is caught in a situation where he would never like to be and this leads to whole new level of game playing which will lead to danger to many lives in future.

It is worth reading where Anuradha’s past takes her, where Dhruv will reach while he is cheating on his wife. Sid’s one move during his worst time will be come alive as a nightmare for everyone.

The story is intriguing and enjoyable. Even if the story has lot of aspects and time gaps, all are connected very nicely. I did not feel like I am missing something throughout the read. It is a quick read and can be finished in one go.

I will recommend this book to all those who want something good to read. You will not regret spending money on this book at all.

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