book-reviews-for-webAfter being into this called Book Review for more than a year and after reviewing more than fifteen books till now, I think I am competent to write on this topic – at least a short piece. What does it take to write a book review or say a detailed and genuine review? Does it make you to adopt a different mindset while reading? For me, the answer would be YES.

As a reader, you do not have to fulfil any duty of memorizing any book but as a reviewer you must do it. A reviewer, who believe in providing a genuine and worthy review, is supposed to read the book and make a note of it in mind while reading. A good review should contain every aspect of the book and at least touch the key factors of the story. The job is quite simple when it comes to typical love stories but difficult when the story is thriller or suspense or anything that needs more attention.

When you read a book without intention of writing a review, you’ve luxury of skipping pages or keep the book aside if it doesn’t please you but as a reviewer you can’t do it. No matter how the book is, you just have to finish it up. Those who review books intensively may opt for fast reading, which I have not tried yet, but then you can miss few good incidents or few good lines while doing it.

Does a normal reader read anything in book cover or does he/she pay attention to the details of publisher or does he read stuff which is written in the book but which is not part of the story? Many will answer in NO. However, as a reviewer you have to go through all those things, which I personally liked after reviewing books. It allows you to know the author better, to know the publisher well and to follow up their future works. Such details enable a reviewer to establish a contact with authors and publishers.

Last but most important, an analytical approach. This is the most important thing that separates a reviewer from a reader. While a reader reads a book for the purpose of his enjoyment or refreshment or knowledge, a reviewer reads it so that he writes a review on it. Reviewer has to keep his/her personal likes and dislikes aside to make a neutral review. It does not mean that reviewer should always be critical or appreciative but it is his responsibility to make a balance in his review.

So, that’s my short blog on reading as a reviewer. Hope you like it.