May be one should ignore it, ignore it thinking these people can never make any sense in their lives and ignore it for the fact their benefit is in continuing to do what they are doing; but some time, it’s necessary to ask them some questions, to show them mirror and to let them know that our countrymen do not need certificate of patriotism from those who have sold their organization, their profession and their souls in return of personal benefits.

India vs Pakistan… The match is done, India won, Pakistan lost and it should be over right? One may say that writing anything on it now is not worth anything, which is quite true. However, the one tweet that made me write this piece is here.


This tweet by Sudhir Chaudhary‏, chief editor at Zee, not only hits at the very base of Indian cricket but shamelessly labeling our cricketers, cricket board and cricket fans as “anti-national”. I know that being called “anti-national” is just a casual thing these days as you can become anti-national for every little thing you with consent of these people.

Let me just put few more tweets from our NATIONALIST news channels and reporters.

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Now these people will tell us two things. One, our Indian cricket team players are running behind, forgetting our army and not caring about nation’s pride at all. Two, those who watched the India v Pak match are also have no feelings about Indian army and they are also not caring about India. They even go up to saying that India is against this match but BCCI is playing it for money.

Now, first of all, let’s get clear about what Champions Trophy is. It is smaller version of world cup but more difficult. World’s top eight teams qualify for this championship trophy and battle to prove themselves best of the best. This tournament is organized and controlled by International Cricket Council (ICC) and any team qualifying for it has all right to play in it. Those who’re saying that India (or say BCCI) could have said NO to this match and could have get away by paying little penalty should note that this not galli cricket that a boy come out and say that ‘I will not play today but you guys can keep my bat and ball’. The consequences of saying no to one match could have been way serious and BCCI officials surely know it. Indian team could have got disqualified from CT17, the possibility of big cricketing nations boycotting India cannot be ruled out and ICC banning India from playing international cricket for some time was not very impossible. Do you think any of the case would have made India proud?

Secondly, let’s take a hypothetical case that England and Pakistan are having rivalry then also England cannot stop Pakistan from playing there or even he cannot deny playing with Pakistan if the match is on the card; despite the fact that this tournament is being played on the soil of England. India would also have to accommodate and protect Pakistani team if it qualifies for any ICC event and India is the host.

If you think that India isn’t playing Pakistan since long time then let’s have that myth busted as well. India’s blind cricket played to Pakistan in blind cricket world cup held in Feb this year. India and Pakistan qualified for final and the same channels who are giving lectures of how cricket cannot be played when soldiers are dying were showing all enthusiasm in covering that match. Wasn’t it the question of nation’s pride, sacrifices of soldiers and what not at that time?

If for a minute, we consider that BCCI doesn’t represent India because it decided to play with Pakistan and which, obviously, make them dalal, money seeker, anti-national organization then shouldn’t we start saying that – BCCI won 2011 cricket world cup, BCCI won champions trophy 2013, BCCI defeats Pakistan in every ICC tournament… and yeah, Sachin, Kohli, Kumble, Dhoni, Dravid, Ganguly and all aren’t Indian player, they are players of BCCI. I mean, why to be selective no? Show patriotism all the time.

These are the players who wear Indian jersey, who salutes national flag and sing national anthem before every match. These players, or at least many of them, have earned enough that they can live happily for the rest of their life without doing anything but they are still playing. Yes, they are patriots, more than those reporters and media who choose to in convenient position rather than doing justice to their profession. They stay away from families, they play with injuries, they sacrifice all comforts of life because it’s their passion to play cricket under Indian flag for as long as they can. Army’s sacrifice is ultimate, no doubt on that, but not everyone needs to be in army or like army. There are different ways to serve your country.

Where the feeling of patriotism goes when trade takes place between India and Pakistan? Even after PM’s statement that blood and water cannot flow together, Pakistan is still getting water from Sutlaj river, quite unpatriotic, right? India still exchanges food, spices, dry fruits, raw materials, etc. with Pakistan. Not only these things are exchanged but also consumed by Indians, does that make those consumers anti-national? Meanwhile, Adani is continuing with his power projects in Pakistan and Modi-Adani love story is no secret any more. I do not know if it makes both of them anti-national.

Not to forget Mr. Sudhir Choudhary and is boss Mr. Subash Chandra met ex-president and president of Pakistan very recently. Those precious moments you know! By the way, remember Zee Zindagi? Yeah, the same channel which used to show Pakistani shows till very recent time. Now they have opted for patriotism and not showing Pakistani shows.

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Concluding: What makes these guys do these things? It’s no surprise that for the first time in independent India’s history we have government whose ministers, spokespersons, member of ruling party and members of its extended family claim to have copyright over the patriotism. Earlier the governments were responsible for soldiers getting killed and tension at border, now it’s you and me who are responsible for these things. If the soldiers are dying on border then don’t question the govt. but question what you are watching, what you are eating, which state you’re living in (if you’re living in Kerala, you can be mistaken as Pakistani), and so on… Now it is not you and me who have authority to ask questions to government, the tables are turned now, now the government will ask you “what are you doing for the country, tell us first and then ask us what we are doing”. Thanks to media like THIS who made the process of transition so smooth, who are no longer interested in what foreign policy we have as a country but they are interested in what kind of patriotism you show in your daily life. The most surprising thing is, WE FALL FOR THIS…