When it comes to Bigg Boss, excitement level is too high every year. The concept of India Isse Apna Hi Ghar Samjho sounded so great when Salman Khan announced it on the final day of Bigg Boss 9. Many including me felt like Bigg Boss is doing it because of less popularity of BB9 and hopes of viewers went up with that announcement. However, when it turned out to be a reality, I can say that it is nothing less than a disaster, a heartbreaking thing for Bigg Boss fans. The only relief that we viewers have form this chaotic season is the contestant named GAURAV CHOPRA.


Gaurav Chopra entered as a celebrity contestant with high popularity from his previous television and movie appearances. I being a guy who’s not much into daily soap do not remember his all roles but I could recognize his face as a well-known actor when he came on the stage on BB10. Apart from that, he looked styled like a gentleman, very calm and composed, unlike those who were either too excited to meet Salman first time or those who were faking their excitement.

What followed the entry of Gaurav Chopra aka GC was proving his capability of staying the house regardless of how unfamiliar the situations become. While celebs were put on the duty of Sevak and Indiawale not left any stone unturned to torcher them using their powers as Malik, it was Gaurav Chopra, Karan Mehra and Rahul Dev who kept their team united and didn’t let the situation go out of control. Let it be days of tasks or routine activities, Gaurav emerged as undeclared leader of his celeb team and obviously, an eyesore for commoners. Not once but many times in first four weeks’ commoners accepted that Gaurav is the only trouble for them and he’s the only reason why celebs survived in the Sevak position for so long.

When in Bigg Boss, everything is fair is for the task but thankfully there’s someone who want to play every task with all the dignity and within the framework of the rules. From the very first week it is visible that if there’s anyone who’s following all rules of the task then it is Gaurav Chopra. He would be the one who will not go violent, who wouldn’t abuse or who wouldn’t do anything that makes a task ugly. Above all, he is practical enough to keep tasks, nominations and friendship separate unlike most of contestants Bigg Boss has seen till now. I truly love the way he is ready to face nomination without going mad or without going into details of who nominated him.

What makes Gaurav stand out is the class and gentleman’s attitude he carries. In the house where there’s hardly anyone who’s willing to avoid fights or understand the situation with cool head, Gaurav has emerged as one sane person and keeping the show from being absolute crap. Be it an emotionally vulnerable friend like Bani or graceless contestants like Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga, Gaurav has handled everyone with all maturity. However, my personal favorite was the bound between him and Rahul or currently strengthening brotherhood between him and Rohan, it is totally selfless and no one blackmails the other in the name the friendship. His controlled but strong use of words and valid points even convinced Salman and he had to agree with Gaurav most of time.

In every season, there’s some contestant who is accepted by most of housemates and it won’t be exaggerating to say that Gaurav is the one in this season. Even those who put many allegations on him or give him names behind his back followed him when he was captain. I won’t be wrong to say that he has been the most targeted contestant of this season, be it by Bigg Boss or by rival contestants. He was called ‘person without insaniyat’ when he formed well in task and was call ‘weak’ when he went little lenient in the task. He was criticized for not taking stand against Priyanka but his thought of boycotting her was accepted when very similar situation happened because of Swami Om. Probably this is the reason why he is watchable because he chooses his battles wisely and do not jump in others until it’s necessary.

Once I listened an inspiring tale; when you squeeze a mango, it’ll give you only mango juice. When you squeeze an orange, it’ll give only orange juice. Just that you’re what comes out of you when squeezes you. What happened to Gaurav in Bigg Boss 10 was nothing less than it but this man didn’t let other’s opinions or criticism or bashing change what he is. “When you’re a celebrity your conduct and behaviour has to be mature. Those who have given you the fam shouldn’t regret supporting you” this is what Gaurav used to say many times and proved that he can practice what he preach. When you’re in show where people who give impulsive reactions are hailed, it takes lot of confidence to say that ‘I don’t want to do anything on what I will have regret in future’.

When many people have stopped watching this season because of insane behavior of commoners and clearly visible biased decisions of Bigg Boss which obviously going in favor of commoners, Gaurav is the only hope that genuine Bigg Boss fans have with this season. Even those who used to consider him as a weak contestant slowly realizing that his way of playing the game is however cool but it is the only way preferred when whole house is going crazy on every next thing. We know that people like him do not make it to the trophy of Bigg Boss but it is sure that if he’s evicted at this stage of the game then it is not difficult to predict what will happen in the house and whether it will be worthy to watch or not. What all we expect is to see that man in top three of this season.