This is the book review for A Walk in the Rain: A Journey of Love and Redemption by Udai Yadla. As I had received a copy of the book for a genuine review, here it is.

This is kind of a crime thriller with emotions of love and friendship. The protagonist Sunny, his love Saloni aka Sandy and his friend Imran are main characters of the story. While Sunny is a guy who’s too simple and too gentle, Imran is totally opposite to him and yet his best friend. On the birthday of Sunny, Imran decides to gift him something which will change bring some enjoyment in his miserable life and he drives Sunny to a brothel. However, the fate has some tragic turns for them, which I would like not to reveal here as it is the very point from where Sunny’s life would change and make him do the sins he would have never imagined about.

Saloni aka Sandy has a tragic past that forced her into prostitution. After the death of her father she shifted to her uncle Hari’s place which turns out to be biggest mistake of her life. Hari, whose life was totally lost in gambling losses all his wealth into it and one day turns a murderer to save himself from the hands of people to whom he is indebted. Saloni being the sole witness of her uncle’s deeds doesn’t shy away from confessing it before police which leads to five years of jail to Hari. It is only after those five years that Hari returns to Saloni’s life and makes it worse than hell.

While Sunny and Saloni had a past but both fails to recognize each other after very long. Circumstances force them to walk in the same direction and they know that they’re just friends of benefit for each other. However, during the high intense and dramatic time when the question is of life and death, they learn to respect each other. Both help each other.

Apart from these characters, there’s another person named Pooja who’s working in the same brothel but she’s there to make money and without any regret. She needs money to take care of her ill parents and she doesn’t mind from where the money comes. She has strong confidence in her ability of making men do what she wants but Steven is not a kind of man she deals with every day. Steven plays vital role in the mission of Sunny and Saloni.

The story is intriguing but I felt that many incidents are overly stretched which makes it bit lengthy. Pace of the story is inconsistent, sometimes too slow and sometimes very good. Considering language of the book, it is really a simple and hassle-free reading.  I liked the overall experience with the book, this first time that I have read a book which consists both emotions of love and revenge and both are entangled so nicely. The small tale of Thread of Love is very beautiful, I read it twice and really liked it.

I give this book 4 stars out of 5.

I will recommend this book to all readers, this surely a good short and one time readable book.

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