This is the first time I am posting an Author Interview on my blog, thanks to Author Paradise for this opportunity. So here’s the interview of Aparna Sinha, the author of Ashvamedha: The Game of Power


Q: What made you write this particular story, especially a political and criminal thriller, as your first book?

I love thrillers. I feel, thrillers are ultimate joy to the readers and a good thriller can keep even a non-reader hooked till the end. However, thriller is a difficult genre to write especially political thrillers since it requires a lot of research and validation but I always wanted to write thriller and crime fiction, because in real sense it encompasses much more drama than any other genre, besides the suspense element keeps the reader on the edge.

Q. What is the inspiration behind character of Hades? Imagination or research or both together?

I once saw a small boy near the balloon shooting shop at Marina beach; the fire in the eyes of that boy, the forced submissiveness, the helplessness told me a story and Hades was born (5 years before I wrote the book) The character Hades shaped, further while writing the book. Developing the character did not require research, except for some parts where technology or medical terminology/conditions are involved

Q. As your book has received very impressive response on Amazon and GoodReads, what is the feeling as an author who has wrote his first book?

It really feels good. When I was writing, there were people who asked me to change the genre, as thrillers are not widely read in India, I was skeptic, after the release that readers may not welcome the change, but the response is overwhelming. The book is also at #6 among the favorite books by female authors in 2016. I feel blessed.

Q. Please tell us about the journey of Ashvamedha from manuscript to book stores? How was the experience for you?

With the painful disease that had scarred me emotionally and physically, and no job (or economic independence), initially it was frustrating as I faced rejections, many a times I have been told that “self-publishing” is the only option but I kept trying; improving the manuscript, working on the synopsis, till it was finally accepted by Srishti.

After the manuscript was accepted it was a cake walk as Srishti Publishers is the best in the industry, without doubt. The team is empathetic, encouraging and give full freedom to the author. I felt on top of the world after seeing my name on the book as I realized my childhood dream

Q. Number of new authors is emerging in recent times, few gets success and few don’t. Was there any fear in your mind in that sense?

Yes, everyone fears failure. The ‘what if’ is the cause of many nervous break downs, but then we must also know how to go beyond that and be ready to face the consequences of our efforts- good or bad.

Q. If you get a chance to be a co-author with anyone then who the author will be and why?

Michael Crichton (Author of Jurassic Park) he is author par excellence, the amount of research he does is tremendous.  I like his writing style, descriptive and imaginative.  Sadly, he is no more. Among contemporary authors I would like to work with Dan Brown

Q. After the success of Ashvamedha, are you willing to continue your journey as a writer with the thriller only or do you have other ideas taking place in your mind?

I will stick to thriller and crime fiction

Q. Will we see Hades and Ashwin Jamwal again in your upcoming book?


Q. Are you working on any story right now? If yes, then can we know about expected time it’ll take to release?

A mystery novel is finished but needs final editing; it took longer time than I expected (as I am a new mother) I hope to finish the same soon, I cannot commit on any timeline.