This is the 16th book I have read in 2016 and I must say that it is one of finest books I have read this year. Thanks to the author for sending this book for review purpose. So here I go…..


Colorful Notions: The Roadtrippers 1.0 by Mohit Goyal and published by Shrusti Publishers and Distributers is surely something that will give readers ‘fell happy’ moments throughout the book. As the book’s cover page says, it is a story of three youngsters who are in their mid-twenties and decides to cover 25 places of India within time frame of 100 days and travelling all the distance of 10000 kilometers only by road. Abhay, Sashank and Unnati are three daredevils who decided to take up this uphill task and record the whole journey as a short-film.

They start their journey from Delhi and visited 25 destinations of India. Abhay, the producer, director, cameramen and also the owner of the only vehicle they will use in this all-India tour. Sashank is a foodie while Unnati is supposed to play the role of anchor and only artist in the short-film. The best part of the book is in the simplicity of the characters. Any reader, especially youth, can connect himself/herself with the characters of the story.

Like a travelogue, this book has successfully given precise details about many places. The experiences trippers had with locals are far more interesting than what I had expected. While the boys are risk takers, the only girl on the tour is someone who doesn’t break rules and play safe. While some risks are worth it, some puts them into trouble.

When the story is of hundred days and that too with such intense task in hand, it just cannot be only professional. The personal lives of Ab, Sasha and Unns changes with every turn of the tour. The friendship, love, confidence and jealousy… everything gets tested throughout the journey. While some joyful and adventurous and spiritual experiences come on the, there’s also fair share of pain and tragedies.

The way author concluded the story is surely worth all the appreciation. Not making the book boring even for a bit. It is an unputdownable book which you can finish even in a day. With simple writing and simple language, it is a book you should read once to feel lighter and to enjoy. It is not consisting very sharp turns and twists but that’s what makes it even more readable.

I will give it 5 stars out of 5. Recommended to anyone and everyone.

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