“You are unpatriotic”
“You are anti-national”
“You don’t know anything about national security”
“You are Pakistani agent”
“Go to Pakistan”

These are not some random lines but trademark answers or replies you’ll get if raise any question about “The Surgical Strike”. No one is allowed to question claims of the government on the surgical strike, let it be political parties, former ministers, experts, journalists or even a common man, no one can question it. If you question then the governing party and members of its extended families will throw all these weapons at you (I am not mentioning ‘abusive language’ because nationalists are allowed to use that, since few years).


Politicians of opposition parties should not politicize the matter but governing political party is allowed to do the same. Governing party and its leaders can claim it their victory, they can demonstrate hoardings giving full credit of the surgical strike to PM but when opposition leaders raise few valid questions it suddenly becomes ‘insult of army’ and ‘threat to national security’. United Nations also questioned India’s claim on surgical strike but sadly our nationalist government and ministers can’t call them anti-national because it’ll cause huge trouble for them.


It has become a trend to use words like army, soldiers, border, Pakistan to make people emotional and put logical and real questions in the corner. If the strike which took place across LOC was supposed to be so covert then it should have been covert completely. No one is asking for confidential details of the strike but it is necessary to prove that the strike actually happened after so many doubts and questions raised within and outside the country. The question is not on army and neither on army’s bravery but the question is for the government. If people close to the government are making huge claims like it is first surgical strike across LOC, then they should be ready to give at least some evidence. However it proven wrong not only by ministers of previous government but also by retired army officers and media reports as well which clearly stated that such strikes have took place in past but the government used to keep is covert rather than creating large scale publicity exercise.

No one will deny that army operations should not become tool for political gains. Even this time almost every political party congratulated army for successful operation and supported government thoroughly. But the things do change when governing party starts using the strike for their political gain, when it tries to say that its government has shown bravery which no previous governments could. When such sensitive border issues are used as political weapon, the reaction cannot be silence from the other side. When United Nations said that it has not observed any surgical strike by India, it obviously becomes very important to produce credible evidences before the world. Arguments like “you should be ashamed for asking for proofs” are useful for feel-good-moments to self-proclaimed nationalists but they do not answer the real question.

As a surprise, The Economic Times reported that Indian army has given green signal to release surgical strike’s video. Now this should be an answer to those who were saying that demanding evidences is sacrifice to national security because it was the case then army wouldn’t have agreed to release video evidences.

Now if the question is of respecting army and respecting nation then those who’re sitting in government should look at their pasts before pointing finger to others. Followers of a person who believed that traders take more risks than soldiers and who said “We are facing many a crisis. Is all this happening due to weakness of our army” should think twice before questioning others. Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar said ”I made Indian armed forces realize their power”, isn’t it insult of army? The party which has history of playing politics over terror attacks like 26/11 should not give lessons on how to support government at crucial moments.

Above all, there is a not-so-good background of this government which raises more doubts in the minds of those who do not go only by voices of government and governing party’s voice blindly. We all know how big claims were done on Myanmar operation which backfired after few days. At that time government and its spokespersons were claiming it to be the first surgical strike in Myanmar but we came to know that such operations are done by army in past as well. Above all, mega publicity about the strike also received bitter reply from Myanmar, with whom we share good relations. Another such example is peace accord which government of India signed with National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM) in Aug 2015. This was again very well propagated matter but shown no significance output even after a year.

Army is not only pride of India but example of great sacrifice one does for the sake of the fellow countrymen but use of army operations to make an emotional appeal to voters is most pathetic thing we will come across. Government should focus on its work, much more than focusing on advertising it.