Who had imagined in 2011 that we’ll see an anti-corruption hero doing promotion of his own biopic in 2016? I definitely didn’t imagine that. But then, the time has habit of surprising human.

On the October 2, 2016 the world is celebrating birth anniversary of a man who not only brought freedom to India but introduced us to the strength of non-violence, unity and true patriotism. On the same day we’ll see Kisan Baburo Hazare, known as Anna Hazare promoting his biopic on The Kapil Sharma Show.

There was a time when Anna was called ‘second Gandhi’ of India who was expected to lead India in a corruption-free era. There was a time when reporters of regional, national and international media used to follow Anna wherever he went and now it’s Anna who’s going all around the places. The man who was seen as torch-bearer of anti-corruption movement is now only a preacher who will talk about values and ethics the system should follow. The man who gathered support from every section of society, from every class, from every region and religion is now almost forgotten.

Saddening thing is, where we could listen slogans like “Anna nahi ye aandhi hai, desh ka dusara Gandhi hai”, now we have to raise a question -”Where is Anna?” The man who challenged then government is strangely not raising any voice against this government. Anshan, the weapon used against then government is now nowhere in picture. There was a time when we were forced to question if a group of people gathered on Ramlila Maidan can be given so much authority and power that they can dominate parliament. Politicians, parliamentarians, ministers, even prime minister were accused and insulted by Anna’s disciples during the August Krani.

However, under the same government’s tenure Lokpal bill was passed by Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha both. Lokpal bill got president’s nod in January 2014 and India got Modi Sarkar which came with a slogan of “bahot hui bhrashtachar ki maar, ab ki baar Modi sarkar”  but unfortunately India do not have any Lokpal or Lokayukta appointed till now. Supreme Court of India pulled up the government of India in May this year to act fast on appointment of Lokpal but we hardly heard anything from Anna. There was a time when Anna had something to say on everything and now he keeps silence even if the PM appears in ads of Reliance Jio, shouldn’t it be questioned by someone who has history of speaking a lot on conduct of ministers and bureaucrats.

We many times heard Anna saying that he’ll do election campaign for candidates with no criminal and corrupt background but we hardly saw him doing that. His campaign was aimed to change the political structure of India but he himself rejected the option of contesting in election. While Bedi, Kejriwal and many others made successful career in politics, many left the battle midway accusing Anna and the campaign for becoming too aggressive, arrogant and stubborn on its demand. He said during the campaign that he’ll ensure Congress and UPA doesn’t come into power again and it naturally helped Modi led BJP. The campaign was supposed to be against corruption but ultimately looked like a campaign against UPA.

Let us agree that people like Kejriwal, Bedi, Sisodia and many others left the campaign of India Against Corruption and that would have weaken the whole anti-corruption movement but we have to agree that all these were leaded by Anna Hazare, he was face of the movement and he had greatest responsibility of taking the movement to the logical conclusion. If the nation supported Anna in 2011 then it also has right to question him in 2016 for leaving the Andolan unsuccessful. He also committed to travel around the country to build strong anti-corruption sentiment but nothing of that short seemed to happen in all the while.

If the movement was genuinely against corruption and for Lokpal then it should again initiate it until the Lokpal and Lokayukta appointments are made. Movement against corruption cannot end just with change in government but it should prove its neutrality by keeping keen eye on every government in same way, it should hold governments accountable whenever they act against people’s interest. The movement which became gave dream of changing nation has died without changing anything.