Here’s my review the book named The Unconquerable Heart: God’s Fist written by two authors Sri Vishnu Tanay and Shiva Thejus. First of all I would like to thanks author for sending me copy of the book for review purpose. I have tried to present honest review here.


The book with length of 432 pages is a story of a boxer Munna. It’ll be very good to say that the story is actually about many characters, their lives, their struggles, their sufferings and their love and unconditional love for a boy who eventually goes on to win hearts of people across world. The book cover features a man with long hair and bread, full of anger and delivering power-packed punch. That itself, along with the title of the book, convey emotions the story would be containing.

The story goes through lives of many characters and keeps revolving around Munna, the protagonist. Munna is the boy who was born in unimaginably difficult circumstances and with physical and mentally challenged condition. He was receiver of unconditional love and affection from not one but hundreds. I would not like to reveal any details about his family and surrounding as it would be nothing less than a spoiler.

The other character named Sylvia, who notices Munna in Calcutta. She starts admiring him and falls in love with him eventually. Her love, which is just determined to do anything for the betterment of Munna’s life, gives very emotional and shaking story. Sylvia tries her best to meet Munna after spending years in Indian and USA prisons, she puts her heart and soul to him innocent from the allegations which were intentionally framed on him and gives new life to his dying boxing career.  From the silent sacrifices to the marriage, authors have narrated the story very effectively. It is surely a page turner.

Hazeem and Kaali Devi, father and mother of Munna, too had their own share of pain and suffering. While narrating their stories, authors have used language which made me feel quite uncomfortable. I will not say a bad language but still I personally feel that there must be some other way of saying what tried to say. I felt that it contained similar plots and the stories were stretched little too far, boring at times. However, I cannot deny that it gave different angle to the whole story and makes you rethink about the existing definitions of motherhood and fatherhood.

Tretan, who is unopposed ruler of boxing world and who is nothing less than a devil, tries every possible thing to destroy lives of people who are eyesore to him. Authors seem to have invested a lot of research and imagination in this character as Tretan looks like a man who has done all kind of crimes. Again, I will say that the kind of language or wordings used while narrating his misdeeds, makes the reading little uncomfortable. Incidents are described in too detailed manner and it feels sad to read such humiliating and heinous crimes.

Characters like Ethan, coach and mentor of Munna, Miranda, friend of Sylvia, Durga Devi, mentor mother of Munna… These characters actually made very much impact. I found them very impressive. Authors have done complete justice to the characters and none of them gives a bit of disappointment.

I must mention that the boxing matches and training of Munna were my most favorite parts of the book. The way these happenings are narrated, it makes you feel like you’re actually watching it all on a screen. The narration has been engaging and even a person like me who has no interest in boxing enjoyed it thoroughly. Even the conspiracy part was intriguing, turned thriller or mystery for a while.

If certain wordings and images are ignored then the book is decent one. At times I skipped few sentences of the book and paragraphs also. Still, few parts of the book were so interesting that I paid it all attention and enjoyed it very much. Repetitive note about translation and certain grammar mistakes are not too cool. This book is good one time read according to me. It can be a good read if you’re looking for completely different kind of books. Not recommended to those who are unfamiliar with adult content.

I will give it 3.5 stars, out of 5.

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