Here’s the review about the book named “Panorama: A Collection of Short Stories”, written by Shilpi Chaklanobis and published by Notion Press.


The book is collection of fifteen short stories in 134 pages. The stories looks highly inspired from lives of common people. It is surely a page-turner with ability to leave an impression in reader’s mind. Every story has its own message and it is definitely worth reading, not once but twice or thrice.

  1. Wok: The story of a family suffering from economic backwardness. Heart melting story of a six years old girl and a single mother who is working as domestic help. The way author has narrated the story will touch the hearts for sure.
  2. Peanut: Beautiful story of human and a dog. Loyalty and love towards your loved ones is not a human-nature only. This a story about how far a man will go save a puppy and how far that dog will go to save those who treated him like a family.
  3. The Thirst: A girl who never got loved by her mother the way she wanted but the empty space was somehow filled by her grandmother’s love. Will the girl become obstacle in the way of her mother’s political ambitions? A thrilling story.
  4. Selective Secularism: Religion and caste, does any of that matter when your own life is at stake? Will a woman who always treated people belonging to other castes and religions as untouchables leave his conservative mindset one day? This story tells how selfish human can be when he is in need.
  5. Bribe: The story about a family. A father who thinks that he can express his love for her daughter only by buying things for her whereas a mother cares for her daughter, loves her daughter unconditionally and that too without expressing it. Can money overpower pure love?
  6. Forever: The simple story of love where one person’s ambition to live in US breaks the string of love. Short but touching story of how destiny brings them close again, too close but too far. Can time heal every wound or it just teaches you to live with them?
  7. The Wait: A story of a woman who is waiting for her husband to return even if she knows that he has cheated her. Heart breaking story of never ending wait of wife. Will she ever know the complete truth?
  8. The Second Tsunami: Story based on tsunami of 2004 which destroys millions of lives and left thousands to live a life which is more deadly than the death. Can the ten years old girl survive with fulfill basic needs of her and her younger brother? Will the second tsunami, hunger, kill the love between the siblings?
  9. The Example: Story of a professor who is thinking of what he has done in his long career and why everyone around is congratulating him on his day of retirement? Has he made any difference to anyone’s life? Then the answer knocks on his door and we read a story of an idol teacher.
  10. The Meeting: The meeting of two friends who were once called ‘twins’ by everyone. Will the time gap of twenty-five years end up with a bitter note? Can the excess of money kill relations? A story with deep message and very relevant to the time we’re living in.
  11. Mirage: Story of a daughter who hated her mother throughout the years and blamed her for her and her father’s problems. What will happen when she’ll face the truth? Can the hate of years be eliminated by newfound love?
  12. Destiny: A very shocking story though… A journey by train which looked like any other journey leaves everyone in horror. What happens when predictions by a man becomes reality?
  13. The Untimely Death: A story based on 1984 Sikh riots and aftermaths of Indira Gandhi’s assassination. The story tells how such incidents changes lives of people living in such areas. It shows what happens when human turns inhuman. Sacking story.
  14. Before it’s Too Late: Story of a man who spent his entire life in earning money and thought that this is the only way of living life. One day he decides to stop the run for money and spend rest of the life peacefully with his family. But does his family have time for him now?
  15. The Sealed Wish: Probably the best story of the book and it comes at the end. Story about a woman who lost her daughter few years ago and when she comes to know about her, it was nothing less than a nightmare. The story with little touch of mystery and full of emotions.

The book is nice and I am satisfied with the time I spent with it. I must mention that the paperback quality is very bad and it started bending within a day. With the price of Rs.150 on Amazon, it is worth buying. You can watch the Book Trailer here

I will give this book 4.5 starts, out of 5.