That’s a short review for Nitesh Kumar Jain’s The Seventh Cup. Thanks to the author for sending the book for a genuine review.


The book cover in itself comprises almost all main places, characters and things of the story. It is a tale of love, revenge, killings, investigation and psychology. The cover and the title of the book make an attractive package to catch eyes of the reader.

Chapter 0 starts with Mrs. Maria, living in Guwahati living with her daughter, woke up and find her daughter missing. She rushes to neighboring house and accuses them and their son for the same. A girl named Verona receives a message on her mobile leaves her conversation with Avinash in middle and goes to meet her boyfriend.

The protagonist Avinash meets a girl Verona in a restaurant of Switzerland while he was writing last chapter of the book and at very first meet he falls for her. They start meeting every weekend and Avinash would tell her about the story he has been writing. He convinces her to be part of Memory Transportation with Avinash. He would tell her stories about his college days and make Verona part of her memorable old days. Two detectives, Thomas Fischer and Susanne Wanner, who were married, enters Switzerland for investigating case of missing people.

Avinash meets Verona in Goa where she has arrived as under student exchange program, from Switzerland. She finds doing activities like playing role in drama, dancing interesting and it gets them closer to Avinash, resulting in him getting crush on her. The play named In Search of Truth gets them closer.  Thomas Fischer starts investigation in Alexander missing case while Susanne Wanner starts investigation in Verona missing case.

Susanne meets Ria on airport and eventually joins her in an excavation program (*spoiler: most important turning point of the story). The investigation brings Susanne to India where she finds many shocking facts about Avinash and Verona. She meets a professor who provides her with knowledge of power of human mind and power of universe.

I do not want to give any more spoilers here.

Author has tried to present different emotions in very simple way which is making the read interesting in small parts. From college life to philosophy and psychology, from friendship to love, from murders to investigation… the scenes are nicely written. As a new author, it is a good attempt and does not disappoint much. I personally loved the last part of the book where it geared up the speed of story and revelations kept coming one after another. Most of the characters of the book have been given justice. The author seems to have attempt to reach readers across genre the very is visible throughout the book.

The story, however, takes very long to fall in line and one may find that there two different stories without mutual connection. The Avinash-Verona conversations sometimes feel too much stretched and feels boring. The college play and conversations are merely recreation of the well-known book The Secret, which tries to say that there’s nothing more powerful in the world than the human mind and what we strongly believe becomes reality. Memory transportation and power of human mind occupies too much space, it may be interesting for someone who is into such stuff but I am not sure till what extent it is helpful to the thriller book. Similar storyline is there throughout book where too much part is literally repeated, it makes it an exhausting read, and even I skipped few pages.

I will recommend this book to readers of thriller and psychological books. This is coming with a reasonable price of Rs.225 on Amazon.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.