If anyone doubts why Universities shouldn’t be the place where police and government interfere whenever they want, let me try to take you in ancient times or someone may say mythological space.

In the very Ramayana & Bhagwat itself it’s clearly stated that state (Rajya) or King (Raja) has no control over any Gurukul (now can say schools, colleges and universities). No rule of the Rajya is forcefully applied on Gurukul, Gurukul is free place from all those rules, only Guru (say Principal or VC) have right to decide it. Rajya/Raja had no right to interfere in the matters that take place within the boundaries of Gurukul. Forget about entering Sena (police) in the Gurukul, even Raja (King) cannot enter there until he is permitted by Guru. King would leave all his luxuries and soldiers out of the Gurukul and enter like a student. And yes, still Rajya (state) would provide all the resources that are needed for Gurukul, would give all protection that Gurukul needs and would finance those students who deserve to study in Gurukul but can’t afford. More to it, if Rajkumar & Rajkumari (Prince and Princess) are studying in the Gurukul, Royal family cannot interfere in any matter of them or ask any special benefits for them. Gurukul, in that time as well, was a place where Shishya (students) & Guru (Teachers) would have discussion on everything. The Gurukul were the place for the critical analysis of society, laws laid by Kingdom, the King and his rule. Students were free to question anything that was not right according to them and no one would stop them.
Once Dhritrashtra tried to murder the independence of Gurukul for his 100 sons including Duryodhan & Guru Dronacharya fall for it to get favours from King; and then the Mahabharat is not unknown to anyone

I give the examples with extreme responsibility because I’ve read both Ramayana & Bhagwat. I give these examples because there are lot of “Virat Hindu” who is questioning why people should pay for universities and education institutions, why government shouldn’t control them, why police shouldn’t use its power there.

Why one needs to go to so far, see the example of Taxila (which is not in Bihar but in Pakistan), world’s oldest university. This University was the place which gave us Chanakya & Chandragupta. Had the university restricted itself just to academics and bookish knowledge, we wouldn’t have got examples like these two. The University was a place where professors were concerned about the nation and they decided to speak against the ruler (Dhananand). Gandhara (the state where Taxila was located) Prince Ambhi tried to behave like Prince there and university suspended him. What would’ve happened if Gandhara King had destructed it or he would have forced them not to get into nation’s business and focus only on academics?

Think. Think before you jump on judgment. Use your mind by your own before someone starts using it.