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Writing this short-blog in a wake of recent happening at JNU where a group of students allegedly raised slogans against India and portrayed Afzal Guru as martyr. This is of course shocking and terrifying incident on which not only university needs to take action but government needs to do a thorough investigation. Kashmir has remained most sensitive region of India and a subject which more emotional for every Indian. Afzal Guru, whose role in Parliament attack is undeniable went through all judicial procedures and was hanged after getting enough of opportunities to save himself.

The incident made #ShutDownJNU trend on Twitter for hours and no prize for guessing who was behind this hash tag. ABVP, RSS, BJP, and these organizations that do not have any love for JNU, might be because of the name “Jawaharlal Nehru University” got one big topic to prove their point. ABVP has quite a big history of how they save nation from so-called anti-nationals who attempted to screen documentary on Muzzafarnagar, how Subramanian Swamy calling JNU institution of Jihadis and anti-national eliments… Why only ABVP, in fact the right wingers have mastered in calling students whoever speaks or protests against them anti-national.

I am not speaking in support of anyone who speaks against the nation or attempts to divide India but the thing is how those who celebrate Nathuram Godse every 30th January and thank him for killing Mahatma Gandhi become ‘true nationalist’ and ‘only saviors of India’. If an activity by one group of students should result in complete shutdown of an institution like JNU then what action should be taken against an organization which refused to hoist tricolor for five decades? Those who keep Bunch of Thoughts above Indian Constitution are the people who will teach lessons of India’s unity to everyone? Even in recent time, many of the right wingers i.e. saffron brigades expressed their wish to replace Indian national flag and make changes in national anthem; does it showcase respect to the nation? On the republic day of this year, one Hindu outfit or say member of BJP’s extended family Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha observed Black Day and it is not considered as anti-India activity may be because it was good-anti-national-activity unlike other bad-anti-national-activity. Above all, wasn’t it insult of our mother-land when PM Narendra Modi says “Indians were ashamed of calling themselves Indian” on foreign soil.

Taking it one more step further, one should not forget how getting news of Pakistani flag & ISIS flag being hoisted in Jammu & Kashmir was a daily news for very long period of 2014 and 2015, but those ‘nationalists’ kept quiet as BJP was part of the J&K Govt. Release of a separatist Masarat Alam by PDP-BJP Govt. is not too old though. Pro-Khalistan slogans raised by SAD activists during Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal’s function in July 2015 but any protest against this matter was missing, thanks to BJP-SAD Govt in Punjab. Do Indians forget who released terrorists in 1999? Maulana Masood Azhar, one of those three terrorists which were released against hijacked IC814 was mastermind behind Parliament attack, the same attack for which Afzal Guru was convicted and hanged. Is there any one to protest for all of the above or it should be forgiven because these are the wrongdoings of self-proclaimed nationalists?

Free speech and freedom of expression comes with the responsibility that your speech and expression will not harm the society that you will not commit anything that insults the very country you’re living in… But those people who call themselves nationalists need to understand that they’re the very people who never respected the country in the way they expect others to do so. Patriotism and nationalism doesn’t mean you should only decide what others should do but also introspect what you have been doing throughout the years and what you need to do.