When I use the phrase “Hero of BB8”, I am definitely referring to Mr. Pritam Singh aka Pritam Pyaare. When it comes to Bigg Boss, there are contestants who you like and there are contestants who you admire, and Pritam falls in the second category. Bigg Boss 8 would have never been that awesome without this man who is one of most memorable person in Bigg Boss history. I am dedicating this short blog to that man on his birthday.

RJ Pritam Pyaare, well-known for 11 se 2 Bhabhi Ka Show, got the biggest platform of Indian television in the year of 2014 and he used it not only for himself but he inspired thousands of people throughout his journey. The man who never played any dirty game with housemates, in fact always stood by people who are wrongly targeted. His friendship with Praneet is still afresh in our memories and the Pritam broke down in tears after his eviction is still able to make any of us emotional. The strong Pritam Singh, who was fearless in taking stand for whatever wrong he finds, no matter if it makes villain in the eyes of many housemates, is something all Pritamians admire. The entertainer Pritam, who could turn RJ in the Bigg Boss house and create ROFL moments with Sonali and Karishma. He was hilarious with Ali and Praneet.

His competiveness in house was unquestionable. He was the one who never give up any task and believed in playing every task with smartness and dedication. No one could question his behavior in the house. Pritam was one person who will be there for anyone but didn’t expect the same in returned. He was there from Gautam when entire house went against him, he was there for Dimpy when many questions were raised after Rahul’s entry, he was there for Sonali whom no one in the house liked, he was there even for Karishma when she was disturbed… but he hardly found anyone when the time came where he was in need of support. Still remember Pritam’s invitation to Bigg Boss for joining breakfast, his live commentary with Ali on New Year eve when only they weren’t allowed to join the party, his funny punishments given to housemates during his captaincy… Even Salman used to ask him about his opinion on every matter. He was someone who will run to help even those who have said hundred wrong things about him and who have hurt him. Cannot forget the ‘lost Pritam Singh’ in final week when he just wished to get away from everything. His feeling for Gautam which he expressed then is enough to bring tears in our eyes even today. His friendship with Ali was something unique; they never discussed strategy or made any plans together but still were on each other’s side whenever needed. The day when he met his wife Amanjot and son Adi, not only housemates but all viewers were having a big smile on their faces. The moment when he said “Bigg Boss 14 saal lage yaha tak pahochane me” was a moment when we all felt proud of this man. Not to forget how many celebs supported him. Many well-known people from glamour world come and supported and made vote appeal for a common man. Still remember how much Sonakshi Sinha admired Pritam and said on finale “because you are married, now you’re my brother” and kissed Pritam on cheek. I was really feeling so much happy when he decided to take Rs.25 lakh in the finale; it was not a smart decision but a practical one.

Apart from Bigg Boss, he is someone who recognizes his fans and did not let the popularity enter into his head. A down-to-earth person who not only thanked all fans as soon as he came out of BB8 but still maintaining touch with them.

I also take this opportunity to thank all Pritamians who are part of life. All the fans who were mission make Pritam win for days and nights are still as awesome and Pyaare as Pritam.

At the end wishing Pritam Singh many many many happy returns of the day. Hope you get all the happiness and joy in upcoming year. Stay Full Zehar forever…