As running a Sanskari Government, Modi Sarkar moving silently in direction to block porn sites. On the evening of 1-Aug many people started saying they’re unable to open porn sites through various ISPs (Internet Services Providers). However there was no clarification from GoI on this matter. Almost after 15 hours, many sites started working again but these 15 hours were enough to spark a discussion on social media. As this matter is not MSM-friendly, all the discussion is supposed to happen on Internet only.

There are two sites of the coin. One argues why blocking such sites is of no use and the other is why it’s impossible to do so. No going into the legalities of the matter, I want to put my views on entire impact of the intended ban.

The billion dollar industry which is mainly concentrated in United States has viewership across the world. It should also be noted that there are no 4-5 sites which serve pornography content but the number of such sites is in thousands. This is completely impossible to block each of them when even the exact figure is unknown. Above all, it is also a question how Govt. is going to tap those torrent sites which offer porn for absolutely free.

Those who think banning few hundred sites will cease people from watching adult videos must know how no government achieve that goal. First of all, anyone who’s friendly with Twitter will know how easy it is to find adultery content. Many Twitter accounts are running just to post GIFs and short videos containing pornography. Apart from this, almost all companies which produce porn movies operating Twitter accounts, many of which are verified and impossible to ban/block, publishes snaps of their movie. How it is possible to ban social media accounts of pornstars and stop people from accessing their post.

If the Govt. has got people who really know how this generation behave then should know there are number of people who are having collection worth GBs and TBs of all this content. Even I have seen people tweeting about their collection after the news of ban came out; they were offering all the collection for few hundreds of Rupee. Porn ban in circumstances will be as effective as liquor ban is in Gujarat. Those having image of Gujarat as a ‘dry state’ should see reality.

As it is argued that porn shows women as an object, which is not totally wrong. But the other side is, in many of them men are shown as an object. Assuming that only men watch porn and women have problems with it is absolute lie. In fact women also watch it and portraying porn as “men’s thing” is very far from the truth. As per a survey, more than one fourth of the porn viewers are women.

If emergence of porn is reason behind crime against women then what should be held accountable for those crime before internet came to India? Isn’t it true that punishing criminals who commit such crime will be more useful to stop such crime than banning some virtual thing? Regardless of who ruled the nation for how long, conviction rate in such crime has remained to be unsatisfying. But then banning porn is easiest thing Govt. can do to create an illusion that it is all for women safety. And the unfortunate thing is, large portion of youth goes gaga over such 2-min solution and resist accepting permanent solutions.

I am getting a bit political here; does Modi, BJP, RSS or any group of extremist have any moral authority to speak on respecting women? How Modi’s Bhaktas treat women raising voice against Modi/RSS/BJP is more dangerous to social health then porn. Calling every woman who criticizes Modi slut, prostitute and whore is as insulting to any woman as objectification in porn. Just because people of the country elected them to rule does not mean they got right to decide what one should do within four walls of home. At the same time I endorse ban on watching such things at public places and with children. But it is social responsibility of people and not government. In a 69 years old democracy we don’t expect governments to play role of mom and dad who will teach their kids what is good and what is bad.

Concluding: I remember once someone said to me “World is a bad, but closing eye will not bring all bad things to end. By doing so, you’re just fooling yourself.”

Apologizing for grammatical mistakes, if any. Suggestions/comments are welcome.