As Chinese President arrived

We kept north-eastern staff away from Chinese PM.

We detained Tibetans who were doing peaceful protest.

We detained Tibetan students who were not part of any protest or any political event.

We gave them the best possible welcome.

We gave them best possible hospitality.

We signed business deals with them.

We did not allow minister from Arunachal Pradesh to attend dinner party.


What we got is Chinese incursions even before Chinese President arrives.

What we got is Aruachal Pradesh termed as ‘disputed territory’ on India’s official documents.

What we got is Chinese troops building tents on our land.

What we got is Chinese President telling his army to get ready for regional war.

What we got is no development on stapled visa issue.


Who cares if Chinese troops are still on the Indian land?

Who cares if our soldiers are struggling on borders?

Who cares if Chinese Prez tells his army to be ready for regional war?

Who cares if some of Govt’s document shows Arunachal Pradesh as disputed territory?


Our PM is busy in planning his USA visit.

Our PM is preparing for strong fashion-statement with the help of Troy Costa.

Our PM is busy in solving political problems of Maharashtra BJP.

Our PM is busy in inaugurating projects completed by UPA.

Our PM is not willing to speak a single word, even though he is not MaunMohan Singh.

And why media should give it maximum coverage

When they have Narendra Modi to show

When they have Narendra Modi’s America visit to show

When they have topic of Modi’s Navaratri fast to talk about

When they have Modi’s dress, food, cook, and much more to show

When they have Maharashtra politics to discuss

When they don’t have Dr. Manmohan Singh & Congress ruled government to traduce