Now when I am writing this, its 31st day of “Modi Sarkar” (few people also call it Bharat Sarkar or Indian Govt.). With a landslide victory, Narendra Modi assumed PMO on 26th of May 2014 and started working for “Acche Din” (as per his words). With sky high hopes and unprecedented dreams, this government was expected to be totally different than the previous government headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh. It may not be good thing to judge any new govt. in just 31 days but I can’t stop myself from doing it as India expected to have magic wand with the new PM.

Starting from the day one, Pakistan PM were invited to attend swearing in ceremony of Modi. Within a minute every Indian would have remembered all statements made by BJP leaders on Pakistan and UPA. Sushma Swaraj’s ‘ten heads for one head’ statement, Shiv Sena’s opposed to Pakistani cricketers and artists, thousands of messages of jingoism-cum-patriotism shared by number of right wingers…. Everything seemed like a joke. Indian PM and Pakistani PM were exchanging shawl and saree when Hemraj’s family was demanding his head back. The entire event witnessed a silence from all those people who were like symbol of Desh Bhakti till 16 May 2014.

Coming back to Indian matter, qualification of new Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani became headline of news. Two affidavits by Mrs. Irani submitted in 2004 and 2014 stated two different degrees in ‘qualification’. The affidavit of 2004 saying that she completed B.A from Delhi University in 1996 whereas the affidavit of 2014 saying she completed B.COM part-1 from Delhi University in 1994. It’s very much clear that she has given false information either in 2004 or in 2014. One the ground of such incident Smriti Irani should have come and give clarification but this didn’t happen. It’s unfortunate that a person who’s going to handle education of the country is being questioned on her qualification. But, neither HRD min nor any of govt. bothered to answer the question raised. Even PM Modi kept mum on entire chapter.

The second minister who brought shame to government is Nihalchand, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. Nihalchand has been named in the list of accused of a gang rape case happened in 2011. Rajasthan High Court summoned the minister in context of this case. He should have resigned immediately after such allegation and summon from court but he’s still enjoying the power as a minister. BJP tried to defend the minister siding the closer report by Rajasthan police but intentionally avoided speaking on HC’s summon.  Above all, the resignation was need of the hour taking BJP’s slogan “Bahot hua naari par atyaachar…” in to consideration.

Inflation was the most used weapon by BJP during campaign and promised to control price rise as soon they come into power. The very first disappointment came when Modi Sarkar decided to continue monthly increase in diesel price. With massive hike of 14.2% in railway passenger fare Modi proved that he can do what governments of 6 decades couldn’t do. This decision resulted in nearly 200% hike in fares of Mumbai local trains. However within few days, after huge protest and oppose, government rolled back fare hike partially. Government of India took steps to increase duty on imported sugar which resulted in increase of sugar prices in domestic market.

Now let’s talk about those issues on which PM Narendra Modi didn’t talk. When the country replaced Dr. Manmohan Singh, it expected to have a PM that speaks on every single matter but unfortunately our new PM isn’t fulfilling countrymen’s wish. Nation wanted PM to speak when…

  • The gruesome gangrape case of Badau, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Killing of Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh by Hindu Rashtra Sena in Pune.
  • Indians abducted in Iraq.
  • Vyapam scam came in public attention
  • One minister of his cabinet accused for rape
  • Gen. V. K. Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs accused next Army Chief

However, it’s not like Narendra Modi didn’t speak anything after becoming PM. He asked nation to get prepared for bitter pills and indirectly made it clear that proclaimed Acche Din not coming soon. On his first international visit in Bhutan PM shocked everyone by naming it as Nepal. He said ‘Nepal’ instead of ‘Bhutan’ while hailing the country’s royal family. In his blog, written on completion of one month as PM, he seemed to be regretting for not having ‘honeymoon period’ for his government. However, a moon seller PM candidate should not be expecting honeymoon period after getting power and responsibility.

Concluding to that whole thing, people who turned to be Modi sympathizers are searching for that Acche Din here and there. Let’s hope that the dreams shown by Modi will be reality after 5 years.