In India we have a person called Narendra Modi urf NaMo urf Feku urf Saheb! Every one of us knows him; current Chief Minister of Gujarat and PM candidate of BJP.  Almost every week he’s doing a rally, of course every rally is hi-tech and premium (I mean not cheap). What you notice in his rallies? What’s the highlight? You remember any really where he ended without mentioning ‘Congress’, ‘Shahezada’, ‘Madam’?

Saheb won Gujarat the times and very passionate about remindingreminding that. That’s fine. But, what about the problems of Gujarat? No state is free of problems and naturally leader of the state is responsible for that. I’m Gujarat’s case it’s totally opposite, CM of state is not responsible for any problem of state but the center is! At the same time CM will take credit of all the achievements of state and will not forget to say that ‘we achieved these even after center created many problems for us’

Beyond this, Saheb kept silence on many issues but never forget to shout ‘Congress jawab de’.When you ask tough questions about Gujarat, he has one answer only ‘Gujarat elected me thrice’. If getting elected is only criteria than in India BJP has no right to question as Congress is party with maximum number of PM. Coming back to the point; Let we remember few subjects when Saheb avoided any comments

  • Snooping & Stalking: The Snoopgate changed the meaning of the word “Saheb”. Earlier it was term of honor but now…. Leave it! Coming back to the topic, The Snoopgate. Gujarat police, Gujarat ATS, Gujarat Crime Branch all were behind a woman; nicknamed Madhuri by & Cobrapost. Amit Shah himself operated entire progress of snooping and he was continuously mentioning some ‘Saheb’. It seems to be the case of violation of privacy and breach of laws. Entire BJP came in support of Gujarat Government with number of arguments; most of them were completely unbelievable. Even after too much noise by various groups & political parties, Saheb said nothing and nor Amit Shah said. & Cobrapost exposed lies of BJP’s arguments. They disclosed involvement of Karnataka Government which was having B. S. Yeddyurappa as CM at that time. Afterwards central government appointed investigation commission on it which became subject of criticism by BJP, not unexpectedly! With too much criticism for center, Gulail & Cobrapost; BJP spokespersons were coming on media but the person on whom charges are laid didn’t speak anything. What does it mean? Dint Saheb care about the questions raised by many or he also feels that baseless arguments by BJP are enough to mislead people?
  • Lokayukta: Gujarat Lokayukta which can be termed as India’s controversial Lokayukta ever. From lower Court to Supreme Court and then review petition, Saheb tried everything to stop appointment of Lokayukta. If Guj government and Saheb himself is so non-corruptible then why so much panic? Even after losing case in each and every court many BJP spokespersons are explaining how the verdict is in their favor and they’re the winners. After long battle when Supreme Court upholds appointment of Lokayukta, RA Mehta resigned from his post. He said “How can I take up the responsibility and become the Lokayukta when my objectivity and credibility are not accepted by the government”. In the given situation BJP would have started demanding resignation in any Congress ruled state but they prefer to be silent and continue supporting it’s one and only leader. Saheb keep taunting others over ‘no willingness’ to fight against corruption but never felt to answer questions over it. Going step ahead, he Modi-fied Gujarat Lokayukta law and diluted power of Lokayukta.
  • Section 377: SC said homosexual relationship is criminal. Various views came out on that. Some of them were in the favor of this judgment and some were on other side. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi addressed nation on this subject and gave their views. Congress as a party took stand against this decision. But even after many days and months passed, Saheb kept his silence unbroken. Rajnath Singh came in support of the verdict but Saheb said nothing. The reason might be that it’s not aimed at huge vote bank.
  • History Defined: Saheb gave a speech in “Hunkar Rally” and historically changed the history. Chandragupta became member of Gupta dynasty and Alexander (Sikandar) reached to the river of Ganga [according to Modified history only]. After few days CM of Bihar came with facts which were enough to put Saheb in difficult position. Many things, or shall I say many lies were broken. Even after this, Saheb did not find it worth answering. The funnier thing was, spokespersons of BJP were defending the alteration of history. Of course this was not the only incident where Saheb manufactured history, once he even forgot death date of Shyama Prasad Mukharjee also. Epic point was when he named Mahatma Gandhi as Mohanlal Gandhi. However he never feels to rectify for this errors. Either he might be thinking that these are very small mistake for a personality like him. But for a wannabe PM of India, it’s important to know & realize the value of India’s History.
  • Apology for Sonia Gandhi still pending: In the campaign of Gujarat assembly election, Saheb claim that Government of India spent Rs.1880 crores on foreign trips made by Congress president Sonia Gandhi. He used name of RTI activist Ramesh Verma and news of PTI & said that if this is wrong news then he’ll apologize to Sonia Gandhi. In very few days that RTI activist denied having any such figures and PTI dined publication of any such news. After that Saheb was expected to apologize but till date nothing happened.