I’ve a great Lokayukta & Lokpal bill, source, Narendra Modi, CM, Gujarat, PM in waiting…

  • The committee will include 5 members, 1 Lokayukta/Lokpal and 4 other members.
  • The committee will have tenure of 5 years.
  • CM/PM will be the Chair Person of Selection Committee which will elect Lokayukta/Lokpal.
  • A member suggested by High Court/ Supreme Court will be a member selection committee.
  • Leader of Opposition will be a member of the selection committee.
  • Lokayukta/Lokpal will be the person recommended by selection committee only.
  • The chairpersons of selection committee (which will be CM/PM) recommend the person for becoming Lokayukta/Lokpal.
  • If Lokpal/Lokayukta has evidence against any minister then he’ll have to send that to Cabinet and cabinet will decide if that should be adopted or not.
  • If any complaint against any minister then he’ll send it to CM for approval and the investigation will go ahead only if CM/PM approves the complaint.
  • Investigation shall be conducted in private. If any information about complain, evidence, identity of complainant/public functionary leaked to the media, persons responsible for spreading information shall be convicted for jail for 2 years and fine of Rs.2 Lakhs.
  • If application is rejected then complainant will be punished by 6 month jail & Rs.25,000
  • Government by notification in Gazette shall drop the complaint against any public functionaries.
  • Commenting against Lokayukta/Lokpal will be subject of the punishment of 6 months of jail.
  • Lokayukta/Lokpal proceedings/decision shall not liable to be challenge in any court of law.

This is how ideal Lokayukta/Lokpal bill should be.

Now coming to the point, don’t think that I am supporting this toothless and unnecessary bill but I am expressing my feeling towards those who are mad behind Narendra Modi. Whenever I ask their supporters about this bill they say “bill by Centre for Lokpal is also not strong enough”. Now you tell me that if this is any proper answer?? Media and Paid Trolls made Gujarat a Model State and for me every Model should have a Model anti-corruption agency. Why Guj CM find it necessary to introduce this bill now only? We all know what happen in the war of Modi v/s Lokayukta.

I wonder why so called social activists are hidden behind the close doors now. I remember how Shri. Anna Hazare, Mr. Kejariwal & their team praised Uttarakhand CM for introducing a strong Lokayukta bill and also remember how they burnet Lokpal bill copies in 2011 & 2012. Now why they are silent? What does it indicate? Any political motive or anything else. Isn’t Gujarat part of India?

I am writing this blog only in few words and don’t want to shout more. Think on it.