Hello friends, today I feel like something should be written on our media. So finally coming in front of you through this blog. Let me clarify one thing, I’m not a media fan at all and I strongly believe that if media criticize everyone then why media should have exemption from that.

Indian Media


Now coming to the point… let we go through one by one.

I first want to clearly differentiate Electronic media, Social media & Press media. While coming to current situation I can believe only one media form and that is Press media. Press media still has a think-tanks, has the level which is expected from a mature media. Except few cases it is much better than other forms of media.

Now coming to Electronic media… ohhhh. This is the most popular form media in today’s world. Whenever, whatever happens you suddenly get a BREAKING NEWS flashing on screen and an anchor attacking you with lots of words and a high sound. They come with a correspondence outside the news room standing on ground zero. The anchor, the statements flashing on screen make you frame an instant judgment even if they also don’t know the full story.

Later on they don’t leave anyone forgetting the news; they repeat the same news about 4-6hrs or sometimes many days. However some news are important but most of time you find that not so important. Some the example you find on your TV news channels “Buffalo on the terrace from today morning”, “Rakhi Sawant slapped her boyfriend Abhishek”, “Mamata Banerjee wearing a foreign watch”, “PM wearing Sherwani” and so on. Now let you think by your own, are these all important to your life or our nation from any point?

Being popular in media is also very popular now. The living example of this is Mr. Anna Hazare, Mr. Arvind Kejariwla, Miss Rakhi Sawant, and many other people who are gift of electronic media only. Just you think, what was Kejariwal before Aug-2011, who was Rakhi Sawant before 2006, and why we don’t know Irom Sharmila who is on fast from the year of 2000. This is the fact about media. Media shows the Vibrant Gujarat but don’t show the Gujarat which left away from the shine of cities. Media did show the A-to-Z story of the Gang Rape of Delhi but kept mum about gang rape case in Gujarat where 12 boys raped a girl.

I would like to point one more thing about media. Many of times they show only one side of any story. It looks like they have already decided what they have to show and what to hide. Again coming to Gujarat, don’t you think that Gujarat has much more to gain media attention except Modi? Don’t you think that media is more exited to swan Modi as PM of India? Why no one go inside Gujarat for detail reporting if they are so much attached with the state? In that case, I like Ravish Kumar’s (NDTV India) reporting during Gujarat elections. When a police constable dies during a protest in Delhi, why media was tend to prove that it was because of heart attack only. The media did show a witness saying the constable was died because of heart attack again and again but the same media did not show a witness saying many protesters did attack the constable and that’s why he died. Same thing happen during Aug-2011 when media shown its complete support to Anna Kranti. Just think, wasn’t that a pure threat to any well behave democracy after certain point? Media people do talk about China many times “China done this, China done this” but have they ever said that what’s the condition of people’s voice in China? Media should also consider the status of media in China and also the condtion of social media.

Now a day media has started a new trend. About all media channels have their Facebook and Twitter account. Channels show the selected comments during their debate shows. Now the question arise whats the criteria to select comments and showing them on shows. As of my knowledge, there’s no such mechanism. You’ll find comments similar to popular sentiments and no comment against them. One more interesting thing is Polls contained by channels; there you find only two options saying Yes or No. Now just think, can you answer every single question only by Yes or No.? I can’t. But why our media friends don’t understand that?

Media says ‘we’re showing whats happening’ but is this so simple. Please understand that there’s very thin line between ‘get leaded’ and ‘to lead’. If our media thinks that their news and programs can’t affect any happenings then why we need so impactless media in our country? Go through history and you’ll find our freedom fighters making public awareness and boost up protests using various media like radio, newspaper, etc. Can you neglate the affect of media at that time on the people’s mind. No one can deny the impact of media on peole and society. The media reports affect psychologically and so it’s not clearly visable but that doesn’t mean they don’t have affects. If someone tells you one lies hundred times then once you may think that the person is right. And that what media’s affect is. Im not saying that media reports are 100% wrong but im saying that they are 50% right which is even dangerous than that one. Half knowledge is always more distructive.

One more thing I want to say, why media always have criticism, advices for political leaders and government only. Why can’t they address people and society any time? While the news of Delhi gangrape was in highlight, some experts tried to bring social problem on front but the anchor handling debate was not OK with these. Anchor and few politicians always said that society can’t do anything, Govt. should do something. This also an issue that whenever someone specks against public sentiment in any debate show anchor of show suddenly become so agrasive that the person might feel like of any enemy country. Media is made to bring all kind of thinkings in front of society but how any media channel can reject anyone’s way to think. Let the person do express their thoughts and let people decide if they have to accept that or not.

This article was quit big and I understand that but according me, we should think once on all this points. Why shouldn’t we question media? However media is a messanger and we should shoot message rather than messanger but at the same time we should take care that messanger is not manupalating the message as per his interest.