RAPE… What does it mean? Is it only a crime on woman by just few people or by entire society? Well, few may disagree but somehow, somewhere we’ll have to accept that the rapists are also a part of our society. Why don’t we ask from where such mentality comes? After all, no one is rapist by born, a man/boy get this mentality from many reasons. Let me tell you my views on this topic

First I would like to pray for the 23yrs old victim who passed away on 29-Dec-2012. The girl faced a gang rape on 16-Dec by six men in a moving bus. Entire country was with him and media also gave huge coverage. Whole nation is in anger about this and all demand death penalty for that all criminals. No doubt that now after the death of the girl, it’s rarest of the rare case and they can be given death sentence without any delay.

We all do criticize government for these issues. It is right. I still don’t know why rape cases can’t be cleared within 2-3 months. As we come to know about figures these days, the conviction rate in rape cases is very low. Rapists get bail or parole and come out of jail, they commit crime again and low-and-order can’t do anything. Also in few cases victim withdraw cases due to threats given by rapists or his family or other people. The eyewitnesses also get threats and they deny coming in court or they withdraw their statement. So at the end, it is necessary to provide security to victim, eyewitnesses and make rape non bailable crime. Strengthen the law and make a category of ‘rarest of the rare’ cases. Minimum punishment should be life imprisonment and maximum should be death penalty.

But is it true that only law and government are responsible for these all. What our society is doing. When any boy teases a girl in public place no one raises the voice and if any single person do so and other do not support him/her so no one dare to do so. Why we the people of India can’t get united against the crime on women? Why we expect only government and law to do everything? In many rural areas rape on SC and ST women does not matter to anyone, why? In the case of rape, society behaves like a criminal with the victim and real criminal enjoy full freedom in society. Why we don’t build basic human values in our young boys and girls from childhood? Why parents have different approach with boy and girl child? Why there is a big communication gap between children and parents of these 10-15 years? Why family members of rapist go to bailout him? When the hearing is going on why no one from society come and does something for the security of victim? We ask questions to government but have we ever asked any question to ourselves? Can’t we build a team for social policing at night time which will ensure safety of women? Can’t we boycott the rapist?

Media, unforgettable part of today’s world. Especially electronic media giving 24hrs coverage to Delhi gang rape which is good in some manner but it is bad too. Don’t you think that it was getting over? On 22 and 23 December when violent protest was going on in Delhi some media channels were showing titles like “Janta Banam Sarkar”, “Janta Se Dari Sarkar” and so on. A constable died during that and in that case also media tried hard to hide one side and just show other side. Why the media did not ask question to so called social activists about the violence in the protest? Few boys, who were in the protest, were teasing girls. So what does it mean? During these days many other gang rape cases took place but unfortunately media was very silent about that. Media project Modi as future PM and remain quiet about a gang rape in Gujarat where 12 boys raped a sex worker girl on open road. Isn’t this a bias face of media? Media want only such debates where all will speak against government and when something against society is spoken by any guest they have to take break.

Sex education can be a step towards restriction of these incidents. In our culture talking about sexual topic is always prohibited, why? Even teachers of std. 10, 12 and above skips syllabus which contain sexual topics, why? Why we don’t accept that this is a need of time? Many people point out that our generation comes to know about this things from TVs and movies but don’t have proper knowledge and these all result in that kind of incidents. Parents of this generation will have to accept that now even on mobile phones anyone can access porn movies. So, talking about sex education and sexual relationship will matter a lot to anyone.

I hope all this points are well explained by me. I tried to write as per my knowledge. Even if you disagree with this, just think once.